Monday, July 25, 2011

Tiger Balm - "60% of the time, it works every time."

I'm thinking or re-naming the blog, "Diary of a Super Sore Mom."  Today was brutal!  I think that T and I might have gone a little overboard with the weight training on Saturday.  We spent over an hour using all of the weight training equipment.  No joke, my collar bone ached!  I have been using Tiger Balm and Icy Hot like clockwork and I'm counting on some Aleve to help a bit too.  I can honestly say that I have never wanted a professional massage as much as I do right now.  The good thing is that eventually, my legs should get used to running and the pain will lessen a bit.  For now, I'll stock up on Icy Hot/Tiger Balm/Aleve.

T and I decided to do a shorter run today since our legs were aching.  We went for 3 miles running and 2 miles walking.  My legs were cramping up the whole time.  Here's hoping that our legs will feel a bit better by the time Wednesday's run rolls around.  One exciting thing for me, I ran a mile @6mph.  It feels good to add a little speed and open up your run a bit.  I just need my lungs to catch up with my head. 

Today's run:
1 mile @ 5.5mph
1 mile @ 6mph
1 mile @ 5.5mph
2 miles @ 4 - 3.5mph

Total miles = 5.02
Calories burned = 775

Now on to dinner.  Tonight we had chicken vindaloo with
Persian super basmati and plain Greek yogurt.  I could only eat about 3/4 of this serving, but it was good (even if the spiciness made me tear up a bit).  The Greek yogurt is excellent at cutting the spice in Indian food.  It also makes it a bit creamier and adds a ton of protein.  We love ethnic food at our house :)


  1. where is the recipe? : )


  2. I just bought some vindaloo paste at the German grocery store. I'm sorry :/ I sauteed some chopped onions, added a few TBSP of the paste, sauteed the chicken in it, added a bit of water and let it cook down. Patak's sells some awesome vindaloo paste. I'd check for it at a specialty grocery store. Sometimes Whole Foods has it ;)