Saturday, February 20, 2010


How did I survive so long without coffee in my life?!  I drank coffee in college out of necessity, but gave it up once I left school.  Once I got pregnant with Anna-Banana I made sure to steer clear of the stuff, and it stayed that way through my pregnancy with Daniel and nursing him.  Man, I'm glad I didn't know what I was missing!  I am now a bonafide espresso addict.  I couldn't have my homemade latte yesterday morning, and it messed up my whole day!  Anyway, back on track today. 

I'm insanely excited because soon, I'll be blogging on my amazing 27" iMac!  It's a custom configuration, so it's going to take a bit :/ but it will be here soon.  The plan is for the beast of an iMac I'm getting to be my work/school computer.  I've never had a super nice computer (my college laptop was supposed to be nice, but it died on my regularly). 

I feel like I've reached a good place photography wise.  I'm definitely consistently taking way more good pictures than bad, and that is really nice for me.  I'm getting the hang of it.  I just started a new photography class, and I don't feel like the person whose work isn't quite up to snuff this time around. 

We had snow last Augusta!  It didn't last long, but it was beautiful.  We made our first snowman (or as Anna insisted, Snow Anna).  Snow Anna survived for about two hours before the sun melted her head right off her little body.  I took some pictures of the aftermath.  I have this picture of the candy that made up her face all melted on the ground next to the remnant of her head.  Is that sick?  Maybe I'll post some pictures later.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pretty Purple Toenails.

We're still trying to nail down the last bit of potty training Anna at our house.  She still wears a diaper when she goes down for her nap and a bedtime.  Well, we've found that positive reinforcement is the way to go with Anna ;)  This girl LOVES nail polish.  She lights up when you talk about painting her nails.  She managed to make it through her nap without using her diaper yesterday, so I painted her nails bright purple with a purple and blue glitter over the top.  You wouldn't believe how proud she was.  At night, we made the mistake of putting her in footie pajamas at bedtime and about two hours after she went down she woke up and asked us to come up so she could go potty.  It turns out, she just REALLY wanted to see her pretty toenails.  She asked her daddy to put her in different pajamas that didn't cover her toes.  I painted my toenails to match hers today, and we both had to wear skirts and sandals just so everyone could see how cute they were. 

Sorry, that was probably mostly nonsense, but I think that it's so cute how special a little thing like painting her toenails makes her feel.  I remember feeling that way when I was little too ;)  I'm grateful that I have a sweet girly-girl to be silly with!

Life as I know it...

is about to change.  Oh man, life is going to get much more hectic and crazy here for a while.  It appears that we're moving back to California in about two months.  We'll be there for six or seven months and then we will be moving to Germany.  We have been hoping/praying for this, but thought that it wasn't exactly a possibility.  It definitely took me by surprise.  We've really enjoyed being in Augusta.  I'm going to miss all of my amazing friends and taking my kids to the great pool at the Y this summer.  I hope we make it back here some day to visit.  I'll keep everyone posted when I know more about what's going on.  If you're a praying person, we could definitely use your prayers!