Monday, July 11, 2011

-36, New Running Shoes and Today's Run

As of Sunday morning I've lost 36 lbs :) I tried to post a blog yesterday but Blogger kept acting up.  Super lame.  Anyway, 36 lbs down feels like a huge accomplishment.  I have so much more to lose, but I'm making great progress.  I took my month two picture yesterday night and there was definitely a marked difference from last month's.  I'm thinking that when I get closer to my goal I'll post my month by month pictures so people can see.  For now, there are four or five people that I send the pictures to.  It helps keep me accountable and it reminds me that I have a great support system in place. 

I got new running shoes on Friday!  The shoes I had been running in were not really intended for running, and they were a couple years old.  I decided to try out Nike's new LunarGlide+ 3.  Here's a picture

They're a bit louder than my typical exercise shoes, but they fit great and the cushioning is excellent for long runs.  I think I still need to break them in a bit, but overall, I think they're great.

Today I decided to add a bit of length to my run and try to kick up the pace a bit.  Here's what my work out looked like:

1 mile @ 5.5mph
1 mile @ 5mph
1 mile @ 5.5mph
.5 mile @5mph
1.5 miles @4mph
Cool Down
Weight Training

It is amazing that 5 mph feels pretty easy for me now.  A few weeks ago I was struggling to jog @4.5!  I'm really hoping to make my way up do 6+ mph.  Will and I were running next to each other today and he had his treadmill up to 8.4 for a little bit and I was green with envy.  I can't wait to be able to run that fast even for a few minutes! 


  1. 36 lbs. -- wow, Catherine! Good for you! Can't wait to see the comparison pictures as you progress.

    Love the new shoes!

    Once again, keep doing what you're doing; your diligence has been inspiring me as I've returned to working out.

  2. Great job, Catherine!! 36 pounds is 36+ reasons to be super proud!! I'm not very fast, and am still new to running long distances but if you ever want a running or gym partner, just let me know! And don't be too jealous of Will, his legs are longer ;)