Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pain & Pinterest

So true.

Today did not go as planned at the gym.  I'm still dealing with insane cramps in my calves.  I was dangerously close to tears (and I have a pretty high pain tolerance...ask Will, he's been present at the births of both our children).  I managed to run two miles.  One at 5.5mph and the other at 6.  After that I jogged for a short stint and then walked at a pretty slow pace.  I just wanted to keep my legs moving.  I did get in 65 minutes on the treadmill, but each one of them hurt.  The plan for today was to run 4 miles, so I did feel like a bit of a bum.  

I needed to see this one today.

Since the pain has been pretty persistent through my last few work outs/runs, I did what any sane person would do...I called and made an appointment with the doctor.  Today she felt poked and prodded my legs (especially my bad knee).  She said that for now it seems like it's just your typical wear and tear from pushing myself.  She was very impressed by the work out system I have going and the types of food I'm eating.  She gave me a Rx for an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer.  I'm praying that the muscle relaxer works it's magic before Saturday, because I really want to do a 7 mile run outside with T.  I really need to have at least one solid run this week.

This is exactly how I felt when I finished my 5-K.

I have to share my love for Pinterest here.  If you're on there, I'm sure you've noticed my obsession.  I LOVE this site!  It's especially great for finding things that inspire you.  All three of the pictures on this post are from my "Running" board.  It's filled with quotes, pictures, and people that inspire me to keep running.  It may also have a few cute articles of work out clothing that I love.  You can see my running board here.  Once you check out the running board, feel free to check out the other boards I have going.  There are plenty :)  I love seeing all of my friends' favorite things.  It is really a fun website.  

I also want to say something about my husband, Will.  He is currently training for a marathon, and I have been so impressed by his dedication and consistency.  I love being able to run next to him at the gym because we like to cheer each other on.  I haven't mentioned it in a while here, but I am so blessed to be married to such a great guy :)  I can't wait to see him cross that finish line in Athens in November! 

One final thought.  I made the roasted cherry (or grape) tomatoes with quinoa pasta found here last night.  I wanted to include some lean meat, so I searched online and found Balsamic Marinated Chicken.  It was a very nice addition and it was so easy to make. 

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