Thursday, March 17, 2011

"BUT, I want to celebrate the family!"

Anna is our early riser.  She wakes up WAY too early and insists that everyone wakes up the instant she does.  The other day she woke up at 5:55 on the dot.  She said she had to go to the bathroom, so I told her to go quickly and then head back to her bed.  She finished in the bathroom and decided it was time to stage a protest to the whole heading back to bed thing.  I told her that it was definitely too early and she needed more sleep.  She replied with, "BUT, I want to celebrate the family!"  I couldn't help laughing.  What does it mean to "celebrate the family" and who wants to do it before 6 AM?  I love that girl.

The kids like to talk about future professions.  Anna's go-to career is dentist.  She says that she wants to become a dentist so she can fix the holes in kiddos teeth.  She's never had a cavity.  I'm guessing that her passion for dentistry came from being deeply moved by an episode of "Sid the Science Kid."  Because Anna wants to be a dentist, Daniel walks around saying that he wants to be a dentist, too.  Anna's side job is super hero.  I guess she'll be the female version of Clark Kent someday.  Anna Kousma D.D.S by day and Super Anna by night!

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