Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thoughts on Negativity

I tire pretty quickly of negative people.  I understand to an extent, because I'm bent a little toward cynicism, but all out negativity is so counter-productive.  It doesn't help you, it just makes you feel worse.  It also doesn't help those around you.  It makes them (if they're like me) want to get as far away from you as possible.  When I'm confronted with a rude, negative person I typically want to make some snarky comment.  At that point, I have to remind myself that I'm a 27 year old woman and not a 12 year old.  I'm constantly trying to be a better me.  I refrained from making such a comment when confronted with a rude and negative person recently, and I'm proud of myself.  It takes a lot of effort sometimes, but I really want to strive to take the high road and not get into petty, silly arguments.  I'm going to try to keep negative posts on here to a minimum. Not that I don't have bad days, but I don't think I want this to be my main vent area.  I'll probably stick to doing Things I Love/Like posts on crummy days.  Focusing on the good things in life helps make bad days livable :)

Alight, on to life!   I have my new computer!  This thing is amazing.  I REALLY like it.  The screen is massive (27"), so it's amazing for editing pictures! 

I'm in a new photography class at school, and it's with a teacher who wasn't super positive about my work the last time I had a class with her.  This time, she's loving the pictures I'm submitting, and that is such a good feeling!  I definitely feel like I'm making a lot of progress when it comes to my work.  I don't feel like the clueless newbie in my classes anymore. 

Anna is starting daycare tomorrow!  She'll be going once or twice a week to try to get used to a school-like setting and learn how to interact with other children.  She'll be starting preschool pretty soon, so we feel like this will be helpful.  When we get to Germany (Next winter!) we will probably put her in German schools, so we want her to be used to school before we throw in the language barrier.

Daniel is cracking me up lately.  He's talking more.  Yesterday he started saying "And BEYOND!"  His favorite movie is Toy Story, so it makes sense ;)  He is such a sweet kid. 

We're trying to figure out our move now.  We'll be leaving Augusta in just over a month!  It's so hard to believe.  I was looking over pictures of Monterey and Anna when she was a newborn (she was born there) and I couldn't be more excited about living there for six months.  I love so much about that place.  It will be great to live near the ocean for a little bit again.  I'm sure I'll take a ton of pictures because the scenery is simply breath-taking. 

I'll probably post a new Things I Love/Like post in the next few days.  Not because I'm planning a bad day, I just think those posts are fun :)

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