Saturday, February 20, 2010


How did I survive so long without coffee in my life?!  I drank coffee in college out of necessity, but gave it up once I left school.  Once I got pregnant with Anna-Banana I made sure to steer clear of the stuff, and it stayed that way through my pregnancy with Daniel and nursing him.  Man, I'm glad I didn't know what I was missing!  I am now a bonafide espresso addict.  I couldn't have my homemade latte yesterday morning, and it messed up my whole day!  Anyway, back on track today. 

I'm insanely excited because soon, I'll be blogging on my amazing 27" iMac!  It's a custom configuration, so it's going to take a bit :/ but it will be here soon.  The plan is for the beast of an iMac I'm getting to be my work/school computer.  I've never had a super nice computer (my college laptop was supposed to be nice, but it died on my regularly). 

I feel like I've reached a good place photography wise.  I'm definitely consistently taking way more good pictures than bad, and that is really nice for me.  I'm getting the hang of it.  I just started a new photography class, and I don't feel like the person whose work isn't quite up to snuff this time around. 

We had snow last Augusta!  It didn't last long, but it was beautiful.  We made our first snowman (or as Anna insisted, Snow Anna).  Snow Anna survived for about two hours before the sun melted her head right off her little body.  I took some pictures of the aftermath.  I have this picture of the candy that made up her face all melted on the ground next to the remnant of her head.  Is that sick?  Maybe I'll post some pictures later.

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