Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I Like...

Today has been another rough day. I got the kids ready, out the door and in the van, just to find out that our battery was/is dead. When it rains, it pours ;) Anyway, I'm trying to look on the bright side of things, so I decided to post a blog of things that I like instead of venting further!

I love long dresses, and I love purple. This one is a win-win from JCrew.

This skirt is from Anthropologie. I love the overlay and you can't really go wrong with an A-line skirt.

I'm finding myself really drawn to yellows lately (green is still my favorite). I really like this particular shade of yellow and this dress is cute. From Anthropologie.

This one is from JCrew and I think it's pretty cute. Ann Taylor Loft has a similar dress right now and I also really like it.

This Anthropologie dress is cute and summery. It reminds me of dresses I wore as a kid :)

Anthropologie (are you sensing a trend?) Another cute sundress.

LOVE this apron from Anthropologie. So, so cute.

Dish towel from Anthropologie. Sadly, they're not selling the SUPER cute Matryoshka measuring cups, otherwise those would have made the cut!

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